Antibody Engineering Services

Oak BioSciences offers a wide range of antibody engineering services that complement your research and accelerate the process from development to clinical use. We can be your solution for antibody engineering – driving your research from any stage to final production of 100% royalty free humanized antibodies.

Antibody Sequencing

Antibody Generation through Single B cell Cloning

Antibody Isotype/Class/Subclass Switching
Recombinant & Bispecific Antibody Production
Antibody Fragment scFv Fab VHH Production
Antibody Library Construction
Phage Display Library Panning
Antibody Affinity Maturation
Antibody Humanization
Stable Cell Line Development
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Extensive Experience
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Two(2)-Week *Recombinant Antibody, Bispecific Antibody, Biosimilar Antibody and Antibody Fragment Production Services – a leader in antibody manufacturing industry.

*Timeline calculated from receipt of DNA sequence to delivery of purified antibody.

Four(4)-Week *Antibody Humanization Service – a leader in antibody humanization industry.

*Timeline calculated from receipt of DNA sequence to delivery of humanized antibodies with affinity comparable to parent antibody (100%-120% range).

Three(3)-Week *Antibody Phage Display Library Construction Services – a diversity up to 100 billion. 

*Timeline calculated from receipt of cells or customized VH and VL sequences to delivery of quality guaranteed library (98% in open framework) .

Five (5)-Week *Antibody Affinity Maturation Services – an affinity guaranteed service. 

*Timeline calculated from receipt of parent antibody VH and VL sequences to delivery of affinity guaranteed variants  (100-10,000 fold increase).

Five(5)-Week *Antibody Phage Display Panning and Validation Services – a quality guaranteed service. 

*Timeline calculated from receipt of client targets to delivery of positive guaranteed variants (ELISA validated).

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Oak BioSciences Offers

Extensive experience in custom antibody engineering , chimeric antigen receptor engineering, aptamer development and CRISPR based genome engineering

Proven technology and platform with quick turnaround

Working closely with our customers to ensure accurate and reliable results

US Company based in Silicon Valley, California