Oak BioSciences has developed a unique technology for rapid production of cell lines expressing full length chimeric antibodies. Chimeric antibodies contain variable domains, sequenced from your hybridoma cell line, which can be combined with any constant domains or engineered constant domains, showing:

a) Engineered Fc (human IgG1)

– Increased ADCC and no change CDC

– Increased binding to C1q and iIncreased CDC

– Increased binding to FcRn and unchanged half-life

– Increased binding to FcγRIIIa and increased ADCC

– Increased binding to FcγRIIIa and increased ADCC and CDC

– Reduced binding to FcγRI and reduced ADCC and CDC

– Increased binding to FcRn and increased half-life

– Decreased binding to FcRn and decreased half-life

b) Engineered Fc (human IgG2)

– Reduced binding to C1q and reduced CDC

c) Engineered Fc (human IgG4)

– reduce Fab-arm exchange

d) Engineered Fc (mouse IgG2a)

– Reduced binding to FcγRI and C1q and reduced ADCC and CDC

Our proprietary chimeric antibody technology allows you to specify your requirements by PURIFIED AMOUNT, NOT BY CULTURE VOLUME.

Our scientists have extensive experience in constructing and expressing recombinant or chimeric antibodies of various isotypes, including modified constant regions. We specializes in expression  in CHO or HEK293 cells using our proprietary high mammalian expression systems.

Key Features
  • Codon optimization technology
  • Seamless cloning technology
  • Choice of any species, isotypes and class
  • Full line of engineered Fc (human IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 and mouse IgG2a)
  • Fast transient expression (1-2 weeks) with scale from 0.1 to 10 g
  • Requested and paid by final purified AMOUNT (GUARANTEED quality and quantity), not by culture volume (estimated purified amount)
Process Overview

Client provides: Antibody sequence, plasmid containing the coding sequence, or hybridoma cells (>1×105 cells, in liquid nitrogen or dry ice) with isotype or class information

Stage I: Variable Region (VH and VL) Sequencing or Gene Synthesis

Stage II: Vector Construction

Stage III: Transient Expression and mAb Purification

Deliverables: 0.1 mg – 10 g of purified chimeric antibody, data sheet and full report

Stage IV: Cell Line Production (optional)

Turnaround time: 6 – 7 weeks


Ordering Information

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Molecular Construction of IgG expression vector; Transient expression; Purification by protein A and/or protein G 1-2 weeks 0.1-10 g inquiry

For complex projects, please contact us for a custom quote.