Stable Cell Line Development for Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

Stable cell lines are laboratory tools that can express large amounts of a protein or other molecule of interest. They are created by incorporating transfected DNA or reporter gene constructs into the genome of the cells. They can reproduce and express the transgene indefinitely and consistently. Oak Biosciences Stable Cell Line Development for Monoclonal Antibody Production Service makes developing a stable mammalian cell line easy and quick. It can be established from your cell lines, a DNA sequence, or an accession number. You can choose from commercial expression vectors, or vectors made by our scientists.

Compared to other existing systems, our platform offers increased productivity and/or decreased production time for stable clonal adherent or suspension cell line developments. Our scientists are highly experienced in a variety of unique mammalian expression systems including ubiquitous chromatin opening element (UCOE), dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) and glutamine synthetase (GS) technologies.

Our services are highly reliable and competitive in price, enabling you to maximize protein yield and establish economical production processes. 

Process Overview
  • Molecular cloning of the gene of interest into a proprietary expression vector
  • Transfection and selection of stable expression clonal cell lines
  • Media optimization/testing
  • Generational stability of clones

Timeline: 6-7 weeks


1) 5 individual clones (2 vials per clone), 2-5×10<sup>6</sup> cells per vial, shipped on dry ice.

2) Project report

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Antibody Stable Cell Line Development Services

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Antibody Stable Cell Line Development Services