Utilizing the Kohler and Milstein’s technique, Oak BioSciences proudly offers high quality custom monoclonal antibody production services. We work closely with our clients and provide consultation on target antigen’s design and expression. We have achieved high frequencies of successful fusions via our methods, allowing researchers and manufacturers to be confident to produce monoclonal antibodies against any given target.

Screening and Characterization

Assays available for antibody characterization to facilitate development:

  •  ELISA
  •  Western Blotting
  •  Endotoxin Analysis
  •  FACS
  •  SEC Analysis
  •  IEF Gel Analysis
  •  Biacore Analysis
  •  ADCC Assays
  •  CDC Assays
  •  Epitope Mapping

Process Overview

Phase 1: Monoclonal Immunization & Screening of Test Bleeds

Phase 2: Fusion screening and selection of positive hybridoma

Phase 3: Cloning to produce up to 6 viable cell lines


Ordering Information
Catalog Species Description Turnaround Time Price
81101 Mouse Monoclonal antibody hybridoma 10-12 weeks Inquire

For complex projects, please contact us for a custom quotation.