Antibody Engineering

The preeminent antibody engineering technologies are used in the development of therapeutic antibody drugs. Those technologies include, but not limited to, humanization of monoclonal antibodies, phage display, the human antibody mouse, single B cell antibody technology, and antibody affinity maturation.

Oak Biosciences offers a wide range of antibody engineering services that complement your research and accelerate the process from development to clinical use. The antibody engineering services listed below are offered as stand-alone services and also as part of a complete antibody humanization package. We can be your solution for antibody engineering – driving your research from any stage to final production of 100% royalty free humanized antibodies.

Antibody Cloning and Sequencing

Our antibody sequencing service is quick and reliable, and is offered as a stand-alone product or part of an antibody humanization package. With our satisfaction guarantee, you are assured to receive reliable results with a full report of the consensus variable fragments of heavy chain (VH) and light chain (VL), CDR and framework determination, and cDNA construct.

Monoclonal Antibody Generation through Single B Cell Cloning

Single B cell cloning and screening systems bear multiple advantages over other systems, such as display technologies. Particularly, the in vivo development of mAbs favors the safety profile and the overall developability. It also has reduced off-target binding to the human proteome. Our antibody generation service employs single B cell technologies involve the isolation and retrieval of antibody-coding sequences of antigen-specific B cells by leveraging miniaturization of reaction volumes. Alternatively, mAbs can be generated independently of antigen-specific B cells, comprising display technologies and, more recently, artificial intelligence-driven algorithms.

Antibody Isotype/Class/Subclass Switching

The antibody isotype switching process involves replacing only the constant region of an  antibody while maintaining the variable regions, thus preserving the specificity of your antibody. Antibody class switching does not affect antigen specificity, but retains antigen affinity and allows interaction with different effector molecules. Using our proprietary technology and in-house expertise, we are able to modify antibody’s isotype from any species to human IgG isotypes.

Recombinant Antibody (Chimeric Antibody) Construction and Production

Oak BioSciences has developed a proprietary technology for rapid production of chimeric antibodies or recombinant antibodies, allowing customers to receive antibodies designed and produced with specific expression and characterization requirements. Chimeric antibodies contain variable domains, sequenced from your hybridoma cell line, which can be combined with any constant domain.

Antibody Fragments Fab, scFv, VHH Expression and Purification

Antibody fragments offer multiple advantages over full length monoclonal antibodies as drug carriers to tumors. They are able to provide greater tumor penetration due to their small size, low kidney uptake, rapid blood clearance, and a lesser negative response by human immune system.

Our services Provides two expression platforms:

1) E. coli bacterial expression system, which is seamlessly compatible with our phage display library construction, antibody phage panning and candidate validation projects.

2) Mammalian transient expression systems in CHO or HEK293 cells.

  • Antibody Fragments (scFv, Fab, VHH) produced from Synthetic DNA
  • Antibody Fragments (scFv, Fab, VHH) produced from Monoclonal Cell Line
  • Antibody Fragments (scFv, Fab, VHH) manufactured from Accession Number

Antibody Library Construction

Oak BioSciences specializes in the construction of various antibody libraries, including familiar scFv, Fab, VHH and other customized formats, using human plasma cells from healthy donors and patients, and splenocytes from either naïve or immunized mice, or other sources.

Phage Display Screening from Combinatorial Libraries

Our scientists have extensive experience in the screening of phage display libraries. We can achieve an affinity of 10-7~10-9 for scFv/Fab antibodies by conducting library screening and panning for 3-4 cycles.

Antibody Humanization

Oak BioSciences provides a proprietary antibody humanization service. Using our 3-D modelling and V-fusion Cloning technologies, the sequences of antibody variable domains, which determine its binding specificity, can be incorporated into human donor sequences, thus creating a panel of full length humanized antibodies and high affinity antibodies for your needs. Through panning our site-specific designed phage display libraries, we could enhance affinity from 10 to 1000 times.

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service 

Our in vitro affinity maturation service is designed for optimization of antibodies, antibody fragments or other peptide molecules, such as antibody mimetics. With a few rounds of mutation and selection, affinity for antibody fragments can increase 10-1,000 folds.

Stable Cell Line Development for Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

Oak BioSciences can help you develop stable mammalian cell line from your monoclonal mouse cell lines or simply from a peptide/DNA sequence or accession number. We offer a choice of in-house or commercially available expression vectors.

Antibody Epitope Mapping

Phage libraries displaying millions of peptides with randomized sequences are extremely useful tools for mapping antibody epitopes. Oak Biosciences has created random peptide libraries by inserting short synthetic oligonucleotides with a completely randomized sequence usually at the engineered 5’-end of gIII gene.